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For How to Create a Manageable Workout Routine Training




1 Hour

About the Course

This training is divided into 4 videos on the following topics "Understanding Exercise versus Intentional Movement", "The Keys to Making Your Cardiovascular Routine", "Resistance Training Your Way" and, "Quick Tips for Balancing Your Workouts".  Various printables such as instructions for calculating target heart rate zones, and common opposing muscle groups to train are included as well. *For a limited time, a 20 mintue bonus (no equipment needed) exercise video is also included with the purchase of this training. This "Wildcard Workout" is perfect for traveling on the go or when limited space is available. Use this video as a guideline to see how integrating cardio and reistance training can be combined for a quick, fun and effective way to get your exercise in where ever you are!

Your Instructor

Charlotte Morehouse

Charlotte Morehouse

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